No Meeting This Week

There will be no meeting on March 4 because of the undergraduate spring break. See you all on March 11, where we will be discussing Man’s Rights from the reader.


Meeting Feb. 25

Just a reminder for everyone, we will be discussing the second part of the essay “Of Living Death” this Thursday.  The essay is in The Ayn Rand Reader or you can listen to it here.  Also, there will be pie if you can convince Adam to give me my baking pan back. Hope to see you there!

Feb. 18 Meeting

Due to the circumstances of the last meeting, we have shifted our discussion of the first part of the essay Of Living Death to this week.  See you all at the meeting!

Meeting Feb. 11

Just a reminder for everyone that we will be meeting on Thursday, February 11 at the usual time and place.  This week, we will be discussing the first part of “Of Living Death” in the Ayn Rand Reader.  This is through page 334 in my copy, and I will email out the discussion questions.  Hope to see you there!  The second half of the article will be discussed on February 18.

Lockitch Event Wrap-Up

Thank you to everyone who attended last night’s lecture event, “The Real Goal of the Green Climate Crusade” with Dr. Keith Lockitch.  I would like to especially thank everyone that made a donation.  We run these lecture events exclusively on donations, so they are highly appreciated.  The event was a success with approximately 90 people in attendance, with plenty of interesting Q&A afterward.  Particularly exciting is that almost a third of the attendees asked to be added to our mailing list!

Tonight, the regularly scheduled Students of Objectivism meeting was a discussion of the event.  At next week’s meeting, which will take place on Thursday at 7pm in Boardroom 1 of Palmer Commons, we will return to the normal meeting format with assigned reading and discussion questions.  Meeting content will be announced soon.

The Students of Objectivism at the University of Michigan are pleased to announce our speaker event featuring Dr. Keith Lockitch, to take place Wednesday, February 3 at 7:30p.m. Dr. Lockitch will be presenting “The Real Goal of the Green Climate Crusade” located at Angell Hall, Auditorium C.

This talk is free and open to the public, and the event will include an open Q&A with Dr. Lockitch afterward.


Environmentalists claim that our use of carbon-based energy is altering the climate, making us more vulnerable to climate disasters. Human survival, they insist, requires the immediate abandonment of fossil fuels in favor of carbon-free sources. So why do environmentalist groups vehemently oppose projects involving every alternative form of energy ever proposed to replace fossil fuels–including wind farms and solar power plants? And why do they ignore the dramatic degree to which industrial development under capitalism has reduced the risk of harm from severe climate events? Before we rush headlong into drastic climate policies and energy rationing, a critical examination of these policies is urgently needed.

We hope to see you there!

Meeting, Oct. 13th

There is a meeting tonight (Oct. 13th) in Boardroom 1 on the 6th floor of Palmer Commons. We will be discussing the last third of ‘the Objectivist Ethics’.